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Shipping policy
11.03.2022 | ergokbd | Store announcements

Shipping policy ships internationally from US or China.


The prices listed for our products do not include any import tariffs or sales taxes. This means that the price you see for the product is solely for the item itself, excluding any additional taxes imposed by your country.

For a more detailed,please refer to the link below.


Shipping rates

Please see the checkout page. High value items will be shipped by air, and low value items will be shipped by sea.


How long will shipping take?

Our shipping location is in the United States or China.
We generally have the goods ready within 1 day.
(If there are special circumstances, we will contact you by email within 24 hours of receiving the order)
Conservative estimate:
If it is shipped by air, it will take about 10-15 days.
It will take about 30-50 days if shipped by ship.
This is only an approximate time, and the actual situation will be affected by the customs department.


Order Status

When your order has shipped, you will always receive a status notification by email. If you have tracked shipping, this email will contain the tracking code.

If you haven't received a status notification yet but do think you should've gotten one, please mail or use the chat button in the bottom right of this page and I'll review the status of your order.