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Why should you use a split keyboard
11.09.2023 | ergokbd | Trivia

The main reason to use split keyboards is to improve comfort and reduce hand fatigue. The design of split keyboards allows typists to place their wrists in a more natural position, reducing the inward rotation of the wrists and thus reducing wrist fatigue and discomfort. Additionally, split keyboards can be customized to fit the palm length and typing habits of different users, making typing easier and more natural. Some split keyboards also have adjustable angles and heights to further adapt to different user preferences and needs.

Another advantage of split keyboards is that they reduce the amount of repetitive movements of the fingers and wrists, reducing the risk of finger fatigue and muscle damage. Since split keyboards often have smaller keycaps and more condensed layouts, fewer fingers are required to move when typing, reducing repetitive movements and fatigue.

In addition, some split keyboards have programmable functions that allow users to customize the button layouts and functions according to their needs, improving work efficiency and convenience.

In summary, using split keyboards can improve comfort, reduce hand fatigue, reduce the risk of finger muscle damage, and improve work efficiency and convenience. For people who need to use computers for long periods of time for typing work, split keyboards are a worthwhile consideration.