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LEOBOG Standard Brown Switch Set(10 pcs)
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LEOBOG Standard Brown Switch Set(10 pcs)

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Currently only sold with our keyboard.
Currently only sold with our keyboard.
Currently only sold with our keyboard.

LEOBOG Standard Brown Tactile Switches
As the name suggests, the LEOBOG standard brown switch is designed with a Brown tone, it aims to provide a responsive Brown switches-like typing experience. It has a tactile feeling between linear and clicky switches, providing the same amount of initial resistance and peak force as a clicky switch, requiring you to snap past the bump or click in order to actuate the switch. In terms of sound, it does not have the same audible click as a Blue switch and sounds much more like a textured linear switch. Overall, the LEOBOG Standard Brown switch is well-balanced and ideal for both gaming and typing.

Factory Pre-lubed Switches Set
Coming factory-lubed and specially structured, the Standard Brown switch can be self-lubed during every keystroke, which is especially helpful for maintaining a smooth feeling. The durable stem is credited to a more smooth and more pleasing typing experience. It has a lifespan of approximately 60 million times of keystrokes based on laboratory durability tests; you may rest assured of the long lifespan.

Compatible with MX Structure Keycaps
The Standard Brown mechanical switches are designed with general MX structure so that they can fit most keycaps sets with (X) cross stem. This greatly improves the compatibility and you can feel free to change the switch and remake your own keyboard.

POM Stem, Nylon Top & Bottom Housing
The Standard Brown switches come with a POM stem, Nylon top and bottom housing for an extremely durable purpose. With the improved structure that reduces the rustle feeling and sound, which are generally brought by POM material, the switch presents a pleasing typing experience and sound.

LEOBOG Standard Brown Mechanical Switch
Type: Tactile
Material: POM stem, Nylon Top & Bottom housing
Pin: 5 Pins
Pre-travel: 2.0±0.3mm
Total Travel: 3.6±0.3mm
Initial Force: 30gf Min
Actuation Force: 26±3 gf
Bottom Force: 43gf±3gf
Lifespan: 60 millions of stokes

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